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Makers Against Corona started as an initiative of a group of people joined by brothers Pieter De Mil and Stijn De Mil. In a very short time this grew into a collaboration between different partners in the world of makers. For example, we use the equipment and capacity of various maker spaces and fablabs in the Benelux. To enable the organization of this Makers Against Corona non-profit project, the MakersEUnion vzw (VAT number BE0745660774) was founded on March 23, 2020. MakersEUnion vzw represents the interests of makerspaces, fablabs and their many volunteers who enable the operation of these organizations. Makerspaces and fablabs have a mission to make digital fabrication available to the entire community, thus focusing on lifelong learning, STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics), social innovation and entrepreneurship. The proceeds of this campaign will be used to realize the above ambition. More information about fablabs can be found here 
Legale info of our non-profit organisation:
MakersEUnion vzw
Capucienenlaan 88
9300 Aalst
VAT: BE 0745.660.774

Start #MakersAgainstCorona

When it turned out that in Belgium we had to be dependent on a donation of mouth masks through Jack Ma and the Alibaba foundation ( https://www.vrt.be/vrtnws/nl/2020/03/16/chinese-e-commercegigant-schenkt-ons-land-half-miljoen-mondmaske/ ) we decided from FabLab Factory to take matters into our own hands and start producing face shields. 

This is how the collaboration #MakersAgainstCorona was created with dozens of fablabs, maker spaces, companies and custom-made companies in Belgium!

The distribution was based on a donation process.

18 march                   



3 april                   

On Friday, April 3, we clocked in 20,000 face shields that were distributed to our health care providers - an unimaginable rollercoaster and great success!

However, the free donation process came under pressure, which is why we added a commercial process in addition to this donation process, to ensure that we could continue the offer in a financially sound manner.

6 april                   

27 april                   

In the meantime, our customers have increasingly asked us for extra protective equipment such as rubbing alcohol and ear buddies.

To convince more children to wear the face shields, our colleague Lorien designed cool sticker sheets to decorate the face shields.

Naturally, masks should not be missing from our portfolio. Jonas Geirnaert, among others, created a Kabouter Wesley corona cartoon for us! Collector's item;)

11 may                   


Stijn De Mil



Pieter De Mil



Lorien De Bondt

Graphic Designer


Lowiek Van den Stockt

Research & Engineering


Siebe Temmerman

Design & Operations


Dieter Van der Stockt

Industrial Designer


Steven Van Durm



Zimcke Van de Staey

Software Engineering